It's almost the most wonderful time of the year again: Christmas! Are you going to organize a Christmas party and are you still looking for a theme? Then read on. We are about to give you the three best themes for a Christmas party. Are you and your friends going all the way or are you going to keep it classy? It's up to you!


1.     Ugly Christmas sweaters party

Everyone has one in their closet: an ugly Christmas sweater. They are becoming increasingly popular and are also super comfortable. In addition, you can organize a theme party with this piece of clothing; The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Go all the way with more than just ugly Christmas sweaters. On websites like e-Carnavalskleding in The Netherlands, you can buy Christmas costumes, crazy headwear (in Dutch: pruiken), fun jewelry, face paint (in Dutch: schmink) and other party supplies (in Dutch: feestartikelen). Trust us, it will be hilarious to see everyone in his or her ugliest Christmas outfit. Make sure there are always some extra crazy accessories such like Christmas headwear present at the party. This way, nobody has an excuse not skip the dress code.


2.     Christmas figures

Do you want to keep it more original? Then organize a party where everyone is dressed up as a Christmas figure. Go with friends as the three kings, dress up as Santa Claus or Rudolf. During this party you and your friends can pull out all the clichés. Provide typical Christmas snacks, such as Christmas cookies and turkey snacks. In addition, it is nice to decorate the room with Christmas accessories, such as Christmas socks, a Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations.


3.     Christmas gala
Do you want to give a special party this year? Then choose a gala as the theme for Christmas this year. Everything is absolutely chic during a Christmas gala. So first of all, make stylish invitations that state that everyone should come in his or her most beautiful gala outfit. The women can come in beautiful long evening dresses and the men in suits. Also, you can arrange a delicious dinner with good, tasteful wine. After dinner, the drinks start! Make sure there is champagne, a cocktail bar and luxury snacks that can be served around midnight. In addition, arrange suitable music. Everything is perfect this night!

Are you going to organize a crazy, original or chic Christmas party? Whatever you choose, a Christmas party is always a good idea. Have fun organizing and giving your Christmas party!