No matter whether we like to collect glasses as a hobby, want to keep our fashion game up or are a die-heart follower of 'protect your eyes from the sun', picking beautiful glasses is not a piece of cake. A trick works here: all the glasses looking beautiful in the display don't look as amazing once you wear them. Or eyewear giving a heroic look to a model doesn't give you the same persona. Well, there isn't anything wrong with your face; it just means that you might not be choosing glasses according to the shape of your face. That's why some eyewear shops read outside: "Buy the right frame for your face ".

While choosing glasses, everyone wishes to look like cover page's model after wearing glasses. Or even if you are not a fashion freak, you want glasses to look at least cool enough that your money pays off. But choosing the right shade is not an easy affair, at least not easy enough that you step into a shop and within five minutes you are walking away after buying eyewear that suits you the best. The reason is that your face shape matters here! So, you need to understand your face shape before buying glasses so that it on-point suits you.

Here is given a secret tips by experts at Firmoo, one of the leading online eyewear stores, to buy glasses according to your face shape. experts at Firmoo has years of experience in dealing with eyewears, so they what suits best to whom.

What is Your Face Shape?

Basically, there are five primary face shapes, including square, triangle, circle, oval and heart. But there is a secret behind this science: faces don't have one version of shape, they are a combination of two or three shapes. Like, if someone is having round chin, then its forehead might be heart-shaped, with oval jaw cut, etc. But there surely is one shape that fits you the most - even if your overall features are a combination of two or three shapes.

So, knowing your face shape matters before choosing the right frame is important even if you want to go with not-so-showy glasses. And if you are looking to buy glasses to establish an impressive fashion statement, then it becomes even more essential to know your face shape.

Here are given tips by experts at Firmoo to buy glasses according to your face shape. Firmoo is a leading online eyewear store with years of experience in this industry. That's why it's experts know what suits you the best. Get a hand on these tips that nobody else will tell you.

Oval Face Shape:

Oval face shape is taken as the most ideal and versatile shape because everything is fitted on its place: prominent cheekbones and rounded chin, giving an overall balanced look. That's why oval faces hit the target right on point when it is about pulling bold frames with perfection. Though they look great with most frame sizes and shapes, it is better to shy away from too narrow frames if you are after perfection. Walnut-shaped frames are a better choice if you want to stay in between wide and narrow frames.

Square Face Shape:

A square face shape, as the name implies, has broad chin and forehead, without any precise jawline cut. In other words, you can say that the proportion of length and breadth of such faces is balanced, a straight line running from the forehead to the jaw. Though you can't change the shape of the face, you can surely choose glasses wisely to soften your angular features. Go with narrow or round frames, having wider corners and thin ovals. Such frames will balance out the square faces by adding natural touch to the face.

Round Face Shape:

Round faces have the softest angles and curvy lines that give the round shape to the face. Thought their cheekbones are a bit protruding and have wider forehead and chin, but overall they have softer features. So, the key is to use glasses that add angles to the face and lengthen it a bit, like narrow glasses with rectangular frames so that the face gets a bit thinner and longer.

Heart-Shaped Face:

Bring the heart shape in your mind: broader at the top and gradually narrows down while reaching towards the bottom - that's what a heart-shaped face looks like. Such faces have the broadest forehead, raised cheekbones, and long and thin chin. It means that the face is slightly unproportioned, so choose eyewear that balances out the proportion of the face. Go with frames that have more details at the bottom rather than on the top, and have a rimless and light-colored frame.

Triangle Face Shape:

Well, triangular faces are not at all exactly like a triangle, but they do seem like a one. Narrow forehead, with wide cheeks and chin fall under this category of faces. So, you should choose glasses that give a broad touch to the otherwise narrow forehead. The best option is to choose frames with detailing on the brow of the frame and tinted glasses.

So, now you know what you need to do while choosing glasses to get a model-like persona to uplift your fashion game. Isn't it what we all want. Right? Right!