Searching for information on pregnancy and babies can be daunting as there is a lot of information out there. It can be hard to sort through the masses. We never really read about the phase before pregnancy.

When it comes down to it, the time where you are trying to have a baby is an intimate phase between you and your partner, but if you'd like any advice, read on.

If you are actively trying to conceive, we are sure that both of you are meticulously on top of tracking menstruation, ovulation, and you know, the whole cycle. It is an exciting time when you start trying to have a baby; everything starts to feel a little different. 

You and your partner must appreciate this time in your relationship. After all, it won't just be the two of you forever. While every couple is different, this advice is vital to keep in mind on your new journey. 

man and woman hugging each other

While baby-making is a beautiful phrase, it can also be remarkably frustrating. Especially when it starts taking too long. You don't know what's going on; you're considering all of your options. If you and your partner are trying for a baby and are looking for some advice, here are a few tips that we hope are helpful. 

Be Good to Yourselves & Each Other

Of course, it is vital for a woman who is trying to get pregnant to be taking vitamins, relaxing, working out, and eating right, but she is only one piece of the puzzle! Men, make sure that you are putting as much effort into yourself as your lady. The both of you must be healthy.

Once there is another human in the picture, you guys are going to become a dream team, so work on building that partnership now. If frustrations arise, make sure to have calm and constructive conversations rather than heated arguments. 

Stress can cause so many complications in our bodies. When a couple supports each other and shares a routine, it may have some magical physical effects. 

Keep it Romantic

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Tracking a schedule to a tee is not necessarily the sexiest thing in the world. Make sure you're adding some lovin' into that baby-making practice. Sure, you'll throw in some tactics that are new to raise your chances but keep in some moves that you and your partner know and enjoy.  

Don't let romance go out the window. Make space for a baby and pleasure. It will increase the connection between you two, and even better, it will help your partnership. To feel some heightened energies, practice some tantric sex in the bedroom. 

Remember to Have Fun

If you are pouring all of your energy into this process, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Instead of making things like eating healthy, cutting back on workouts, and tracking cycles become a burden, make them fun!

Instead of seeing a change in your diet as something disappointing, cook new recipes with your partner! There are so many amazing and nutritious recipes out there that will be great to boost fertility. Cook together and explore a whole new world for your tastebuds. 

If you're a very active person, you may be bummed when you start cutting back on strenuous workouts. Use this as an opportunity to explore more moderate exercise like yoga or swimming. Take up a class with your partner; make it routine.

Turn tracking your cycle into a game. You can even make it sexy by planning special date nights during your optimal fertility window - plan nice dinners or experiment with role-playing. Adding a schedule doesn't mean that sex won't still be fun. 


If you think you have severe trouble with conceiving, there are options available for you. Struggling with infertility is challenging, but there are many ways to find help. According to the site, clinics will offer a variety of cost-effective fertility solutions and all around the globe.