We have all had experience of receiving a cheap gift that makes us feel like our relationship the person who gave the gift is not valued. Whilst "it is the thought that counts" is relevant to gift-giving, a bouquet of wilted flowers or a DVD of a movie flop clearly bought from a local stores bargain bucket confirms that no thought was put into a gift. To make sure this does not happen, here are three great gift ideas for any occasion being celebrated, which will show your recipient how grateful you are to have them in your life.


Perfect for a housewarming or at Christmas, décor gifts are something to brighten a home whilst at the same time being a reminder of the person who gave the present.

Home ornament:

An antique metal dish looks beautiful on display on its own but can be brought out on special occasions as a bonbon dish. A romantic home décor gift on ​Valentine's Day for her​ ​could be a gold dipped rose that will add warmth to any room.

Pictures or photographs

From the hundreds or thousands of photographs you have on your phone, choose one that you know your recipient or recipients will love. This could be a photo of a couple that you can frame and gift to them at their engagement party or wedding reception. A photo of your beloved looking beautiful can be digitally printed on canvas to show off at home.

Classics gifts

A bouquet is beautiful if you can choose her favourite blooms. If they have a garden, consider gifting a rose bush that they can tend each year or a fruit tree they can nurture to enjoy the produce in season for the next couple of decades. If there is no garden, plant a tree in a place that you know is special to them.

Personalised gifts
Express your memories or feelings on a personalised gift. Engrave special words on the inside of a bangle or create a gift box of items that is unique to them, including some small things that you know they love but are not always easy to source.

Gift hamper

A chocolate hamper is great for children, but gift baskets can be tailored for everyone. A spa basket for mums, with an IOU voucher to say you will take care of the kids whilst she relaxes or a basket of craft beers for Father's Day or a survival kit for new students. Here you can get creative, have fun and be original.


Bold jewellery is on-trend, and diamonds are a perennial favourite for those you love most. From a pendant and dangling earring gilded in gold in a range of colours through to jewellery made from environmentally friendly natural materials like shell, stone, raffia, rose petals and wood that reflect the desire for jewellery that is friendly to the earth


For those you love who follow fashion trends, choose tartan, fluorescent sunglasses frames and printed sheer shirts that they can wear through spring and summer. Bold patterns and bright colours are in vogue, though you can also gift soft, feminine dresses, faux leather jumpsuits and wide-leg pants.

New handbag

Oversized bags are the perfect gift for the woman who multitasks. As well as carrying her laptop and documents for work, it can also be the perfect shopping bag. At the other extreme, you have the mini bag which is perfect for her credit card, AirPods, and a favourite lipstick.

Consider natural fibres like wicker or raffia.