A dormer window is not only a value-adding addition to your home but also provides more space in the attic. Due to the extra height and daylight, it is certainly an asset. On this blog, you can read everything about the dormer prices (translated to Dutch: dakkapel prijs) and you can see that good and affordable go well together!

What are dormers and dormer windows?

You've heard the word before. You've heard people talk, gush, and brag about them. But what exactly are dormers? It can be used interchangeably to talk about a converted upper-level room, a horizontal extension of the converted room, or a window in the room itself. But a good way to get it all straight is to look at the pitch of a roof, and whenever you see any gabled windows rise from its surface, you're observing a dormer at work.

Plastic frames vs dormer windows

Plastic frames (translated to Dutch: kunststof kozijnen) are cheaper to buy and maintain compared to wooden ones. Moreover, they are almost no longer made of wood because of the beautiful wood grain structure in the plastic profile. They also last longer and there are more reasons why they are chosen so often these days.

What does a dormer cost on average?

A dormer window costs on average € 4,200 euros. This dormer window is 3 meters long, has 1 fixed window and 2 tilting windows and is made of wood. A plastic dormer window costs € 200 less and maintenance is also cheaper.

What can you achieve with a basic budget?

There are plenty of ways to add a dormer to open up your loft and create extra floor space on a budget. A dormer is usually added at the same time as a loft conversion, so the cost is an 'add-on' rather than a standalone price. A smaller dormer is normally cheaper than a larger one, and using simple materials will keep the cost down. Generally, you won't need planning permission for a dormer at the back of the property, saving both time and cost. A simple flat roof dormer at the rear the house can transform an unused attic into a new bedroom or office and can be constructed from around £5,000 on top of the cost of a standard loft conversion.

Cost of adding a dormer window on a basic budget

From £5,000*

Advantages of a dormer window?

A dormer window provides more headroom and therefore walking space in the room. The rubbish loft suddenly becomes a practical room that can serve as an office, hobby or children's room. Not only more space, but also more light with a dormer window. A dormer window made of plastic requires little maintenance and that saves a lot of time! The advantage of plastic is that it will not rot and is easy to keep clean.