Statistics concerning vehicular accidents in the United States can be disheartening, as some suggest that being in a vehicular accident and getting injured as a result of an accident are inevitable. In the United States, there are approximately fifty million car crashes annually, with more than half of these accidents being caused by aggressive drivers. Each year, nearly two million drivers involved in car accidents sustain permanent injuries. Accidents are caused by drivers who speed, drive while distracted or using their phones, drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and engage in many other negligent behaviors while driving. A driver who is not at fault for the accident, but sustains personal injuries is entitled to compensation.

When seeking the compensation that is owed to them, drivers who have been injured in motor accidents should consult a personal injury lawyer who can sufficiently handle all kinds of motor accidents, whether it be head-on collisions, side-impact collisions, rollovers, and rear-end crashes. Not all vehicular crashes and resulting personal injuries can be contributed to reckless driving. Some accidents are caused by the weather, mechanical defects in cars, and hazardous road conditions. For this reason, personal injury lawyers should be equipped to work to file any necessary lawsuit against whatever is responsible for the accident, whether that be the car manufacturer, or the town or city with unsafe roads.

Getting injured and being seriously hurt can significantly impact someone's livelihood.  In some cases, some people are left unable to drive, unable to travel to the same extent that they previously could, and unable to work. Being injured is more than stressful enough, but enduring such a painful, complicated situation is even more challenging when the injured person is left unable to pay for care and medical expenses following an accident. People injured in car accidents should seek a car accident lawyer to ensure that legal matters are settled in appropriate ways.

What is a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who recognizes the serious and sensitive nature of personal injury cases and provides their clients with objective, relevant advice, while treating clients with empathy and respect.

Personal injury lawyers work for their clients. They should learn the specific circumstances surrounding their client's car accident and learn the extent of the sustained injuries. Personal injury lawyers work hard to take care of the paperwork and legal details of a case, while the client keeps up with the medical details, any appointments to the doctor, and any changes they had to make to their lifestyle following the accident.

An injury lawyer's main goal is to get their client fairly compensated. The best personal injury lawyers are not only aware of the law, but they are aware that the laws concerning motor vehicle accidents and compensation for sustained injuries may differ in each state, so they educate their clients on the law and negotiate clients' cases according to the relevant laws.

Personal injury lawyers, such as the professionals at Cummings Injury Law, know that the economic and medical needs of a client following a motor vehicle accident differ from client to client. Overall, victims who sustain injuries in car accidents generally need to be compensated for medical expenses, any lost wages, the loss of their vehicle, and any rehabilitation and long-term care they receive. Equally important is being compensated for any damages incurred by being in a car accident that do not have monetary value, such as physical pain, emotional anguish, and the loss of any senses.

Making sure clients receive compensation for monetary and non-monetary damages is what personal injury lawyers do best. Personal injury cases can be complex, but lawyers willingly handle the challenges that come with each unique case. This is because it is their priority for clients to get what they are entitled to, and regain peace and normalcy following an injury sustained in an accident.