To all the wonderful dads out there, we love you. You're brilliant and we are so proud to have you by our side. 

But we also know that you don't always like receiving gifts. 

In fact, we know that sometimes, it really is just the thought that counts. Even if you get it wrong, at least you've shown that you thought about buying your father something. 

Instead of buying the same old socks and chocolates, it's time to put on your thinking cap. If you are not great with gift ideas, this is the list for you. From a beer bouquet to a custom-made tie, we have you covered.

So, along with a card telling your dad how great he is, here are some great gift ideas for your dad's next birthday.

1. Beer Bouquet

Let's start with something that is almost guaranteed to be a hit.

As we said above, sometimes, it's the thought that counts. In this case, the thought is brilliant and perfect for dads everywhere that love a cool refreshing beer during this time of year.

Ask your mom about your dad's favorite beers and arrange them in a bouquet as they do over here at Unoriginal Mom. This makes them look a little bit fancier as opposed to just a few bottles in a box that you can pick up at the supermarket.

You never know, he may even want to share one with you as a thank you - if you're old enough of course.

2. At-Home Health Testing Kit

Dads everywhere need to be aware of their health risks. Unfortunately, parents do get older, making taking care of themselves even more important. 

I've recently come across this at-home health testing kit from imawareTM. My dad has been complaining about leg pain, and I thought it would be a great idea to have him tested for rheumatoid arthritis (he didn't have it, but I simply loved how incredibly simple the testing process was). 

For $99 & free shipping, imawareTM will send a testing kit by mail to your address of choice. You collect a tiny bit of blood and send it back for diagnostics. Four days later, I received an online report with an amazing amount of detailed information about the test result. 

Good health is the number one priority for anyone. Give this awesome test kit to your dad on his birthday so he stays in the know and looks after himself.

3. Grill Set Holder

Dads love to cook outside on the grill during the summer. We don't know why, but they just do. Maybe because he gets to mess around with fire?  If your dad loves to cook on the grill, he will need a place to keep all his knives and other grilling equipment.

This is where a grill set holder, like this one from Lil Luna, comes in. If you want, you can create one yourself and add a personal touch to the gift.

What better gift than the gift of great food - and with this grill set holder, your dad can cook to his heart's content without asking you or anyone else where is his favorite set of tongs.

4. Reusable Water Bottle

This is a great, simple birthday present idea for dads who love to go out and be active. It's important to be hydrated, especially during the hot summer months, so a reusable water bottle will go down like a treat.

I've recently purchased the Kool8 water bottle.  It's very stylish and robust and, more importantly, will keep cold drinks cool and refreshing. Plus, if your dad loves to keep his coffee warm, this super simple thermos does the trick for that, too (go for the red color, it looks super sleek!). Great in-depth review here from the Baltimore Examiner

5. A custom star map

Even the toughest dad may get a bit emotional if you give them an awesome star map from Twinkle in Time. This is a very thoughtful gift that immortalizes a particularly meaningful event in your dad's life. 

It could be anything from his birthday to his wedding anniversary or even your birthday with a sweet message that shows your favorite dad how much you love and care for him. 

This gift comes in a poster roll and you should plan ahead to buy a super sleek frame for it. We do it all for our favorite dads!

6. Dad's Custom Tie

It's going to happen at some point; your dad is going to get a tie from someone, so why not make it be from you? But instead of the standard ties he gets every year, make this one different.

For example, this one from Kikicomin displays all the best qualities of your dad in one place. Not only is it original and easy to think about, but your dad will also feel so proud to know that's what you think of him.

You can choose your own design, but keep in mind that personalized gifts are the best and this idea is certainly something your dad will treasure.

7. Subscriptions

This birthday gift idea requires you to think about your dad's hobbies and interests. This is a more practical idea.

It can be anything from a subscription to a box of meat from Butcher Box or the monthly TopGear magazine; as long as it's something that he will enjoy then it is a great idea.

Make sure you tell your dad it's a subscription, though - it will need to be renewed in a year or so.  If he wants to keep it coming, he will need to take over the payment, unless you're so kind that you continue to buy it for him.

8. Protein Coffee

Dads love coffee so give him the boost he needs with protein coffee. It has tons of health benefits so you know that by drinking it, he's taking care of himself. He can drink it on his way to work or drink it while in the office.

If he knows a thing or two about coffee, then you should certainly introduce him to Complete Nutrition's protein coffee. It tastes awesome and he will love it.

Protein coffee is one of the best ways to give his body the vitamin nutrients he needs to work at his best, without having to take a multivitamin or other tablets.