Despite the hesitation, he is still dreaming of a major league. It is Ichiro Suzuki (44) story. It is not his own dream. The value of Ichiro is still highly evaluated in the US., the official website of the major leagues, and sports media 'CBS Sports' reported on January 27 that 'Ichiro wants to play still'. Ichiro hit .245 with 5 home runs (196 at-bats), 136 hits, 3 home runs and 20 RBIs in Miami. It was the lowest number of games since the 2001 Major League debut and was in batting. Cumulative records also were not good. Miami gave up the 2018 option that Ichiro took after the end of the season.

Ichiro, who made his debut in Seattle in 2001, has played 3136 games in 26 seasons in the 17 seasons this season, with a batting average of 311/299 (9885 with 3,080 hits) and an OPS (OBP + slugging percentage) of 0.759. He has a total of 3,080 hits for the 22nd time in the major leagues. But the atmosphere is falling in front of the years.

Ichiro participated in the closing ceremony of the "Ichiro Cup Youth Baseball Tournament" held in his hometown, Aichi Prefecture, in recent years, saying, "It seems to be a big dog in a pet store. Nevertheless, the goal of running in active duty until age 51 has not changed.

CBS Sports selected seven clubs that match Ichiro. Arizona, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City, Los Angeles Angels, New York Mets, San Francisco, and many others. The media said, "The FA market atmosphere is slow this year, but Ichiro, who has a small salary, will definitely have a team." "The value of Ichiro is more than just what the field looks like, it's a good substitute and one of the most recognized players in the sport," the media praised him.

Ichiro's agent, John Boggs, said: "All 29 teams except Miami are looking at possibilities. Seattle and the Mets contacted during the winter meeting." Ichiro could be a sample of young players, still in the major leagues "