Latest reports claimed that Apple will be launching its new iPhone model this coming September following also its tradition that their new device is launched every September. But the company is known for being so secretive when it comes to the release dates of their new models.

Even if some sources were already claiming that the new iPhone model will be released this mid-September, still some analysts were uncertain since there is no much information to bank on. Besides, it was reported that some factors might lead to the delay of the launching date for the new iPhone model.

The Street claimed that there is a current supply shortage for the OLED panel display and some other parts. If this is true, then Apple might move the release date of its new and latest iPhone model to November or December.

But reports added that Apple just released hints for the 2017 fourth quarter which also included the months of July through September. it was then suggested that the iPhone 8 might be released by the end of September. This was after Apple released its sales of $49 billion to $52 billion for the three months until September.

Apart from the iPhone 8, there were reports claiming that Apple will also be launching updates models of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this fall. But some reports claimed that the standard options or models will just be the ones available in the usual numbers while the said iPhone 8 will come in limited supply. Besides, if there are constraints, it will be hard for Apple to produce the said phone at all in September.

With the latest figure from Apple, it likewise tells that the company expects to sell more iPhones this September than last year. This will be possible if Apple would have the new iPhone models be on sale by the end of September.

Even if not all iPhone models will be on sale this September, this is also a good indication that Apple is not looking to make a major departure from its past iPhone sales pattern this month of September. This said guidance would also free the analysts from thinking that the new iPhone models will come in a delayed release date.