The United States just issued another travel ban no longer to Middle East countries but to North Korea. With this, the country is urging its citizens in North Korea to get out from there now before the travel ban takes effect on the first day of September.

It was reported on Reuters that the new travel ban warning to North Korea which the State Department issued reflects the new travel ban of the administration of President Donald Trump. The United States government is really serious in its plan to impose sanctions against North Korea.

The new travel ban was confirmed and announced the previous month and was already published in the Federal Register last Wednesday. With this, it was then expected that the policy triggered a month-long period before this shall fully take effect.

However, this travel ban also presents exceptions to people who need to travel to North Korea and that they have to secure special permission. With what the reports claimed, this will only be granted and given under very limited circumstances. But details regarding how to apply for this exception were not yet released. With this, the State Department has yet to issue information regarding this matter.

The United States has been serious in imposing sanctions against North Korea which originated with the latter's missile testing programs. It was reported that the U.S. has been urging North Korea to put an end to this. However, North Korea is also firm in its nuclear testing program and won't listen to demands of any country even from the United Nations.

Previous reports just claimed that the United States asked China to impose economic sanctions against North Korea. Though China is willing to impose economic pains against the country, it still has limitation. It was said that China will not impose sanctions which will already threaten the stability of North Korea's regime.

Apart from these, several sanctions were already imposed against North Korea before and these consist of the prohibition of the sale of some goods and important commodities. It was reported that these sanctions target the financial system of North Korea. But those sanctions were not greater in terms of the impact that's why the U.S. thought of this new travel ban.