People need a list of nutrients for them to consume every day in order to keep healthy and calcium is one of these. Calcium is a vital nutrient which sometimes gets overlooked most particularly by women since a study revealed that females are less likely than males to acquire sufficient amounts of calcium from food.

Since this is also an alarming issue concerning human's health, people need to address this immediately especially the women. According to PopSugar, if these will not be dealt with properly, humans will not be able to get the proper nutrition the body needs and will not be able to attain fitness goals or keep better health. In fact, calcium is necessary for the maintenance of bone's health.

As calcium can also be acquired from foods, people should not only rely on weight-bearing exercise for keeping strong bones. They have to remember that this significantly requires a healthy diet with the inclusion of sufficient calcium. It was noted that calcium is vital for muscle contractions and taking not enough of these nutrients can lead to bone fractures.

In the said study, women need between 748 to 968 milligrams of calcium daily while the National Institutes of Health suggested 1,000 milligrams. This may sound too much but if people will only consume the right foods, then hitting this will not be a problem.

Because of this, experts came up with the list of foods which people need to eat on a daily basis as they are very high in calcium. These foods include sardines, cooked collard greens, dairy products, sesame seeds, bok choy, white beans, black eye peas, kale, broccoli, seaweed, and almonds.

In the list of foods presented, whether the person is vegan or not, there is something to fit every kind of diet. About 99 percent of the calcium in the human body is found in teeth and bones in order to keep them strong. Apart from those benefits, calcium is also needed to maintain hormonal and proper nerve function. With this, people should not skip out on these calcium dense foods.