Justin Bieber shocked his fans when he announced and confirmed that he will no longer push through with the remaining concerts for his world tour. Because of this, a lot of his fans asked for the real reason until it was revealed that the singer wanted to take a break from his grueling schedule.

Last Monday, Justin Bieber's representative revealed that the pop icon was canceling the remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour because of unforeseen circumstances. After the said announcement a lot of his fans known as the Beliebers across the globe were dismayed and unleashed tweets telling their disappointments.

After that, PEOPLE reported that another friend of Justin Bieber came to his rescue and explained why the singer needed to take a break from his hectic schedule on the road. He shared that Justin did not feel like he could give the rest of the remaining tours as much energy as his fans deserve.

Moreover, the friend revealed that Justin Bieber is a perfectionist and did not want to frustrate fans with some half-ass performance. He also thinks that his fans deserve the best of his performance like what he exhibited in the beginning of his Purpose World Tour. With that, it was claimed that he just did not have the passion at the moment and that he is indeed exhausted.

It has been almost two years already since Justin Bieber has been touring his Grammy-nominated Purpose album prior to pulling the plug and quit. Some reports claimed that the singer experienced mental exhaustion which only a few people can understand. It may be fair for the "Sorry" singer but also understandably frustrating or his millions of fans around the world.

It can be recalled that this was not an early decision for him since he already had this feeling before though and feels that he has just to take a break from performing and touring. However, this does not mean that he will no longer tour since it was claimed that Justin Bieber loves touring and performing. Perhaps, he would even come back better more than what he used to be on stage.

Moreover, it was also reported that after he canceled the remaining tour dates left in his Purpose World Tour, some sources were claiming that being more spiritual and attending church is how he finds his energy and regain his concentration. Further, Justin Bieber is a member of the Hillsong Church congregation which is based in New York where most of its members are celebrities.