The UFC President just confirmed that President Donald Trump has shown interest in the upcoming fight of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor but he is uncertain to attend. The said fight will be held on August 26 and the UFC just got a call from the White House informing them of the news.

It was reported that the White House called UFC last Monday informing them that President Trump is really interested in the Mayweather and McGregor bout but he is unlikely to come. According to the said organizer of the most awaited event, there is a possibility that Trump will ruin the events if he shows up.

USA Today reported that if President Donald Trump will show up in the Mayweather and McGregor fight, his secret service will have to go through the place also. With this, they will shut down the streets and will then create a crazy traffic jam.

In the previous news, Conor McGregor just promised to knock out Floyd Mayweather within a matter of four rounds. This was declared by the UFC fighter as the two faced off for the first time when they promoted their bout to be held on August 26.

When the two promoted their August 26 bout, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor appeared in front of a multitude of fans during a new conference in Los Angeles. According to the said fighter, Floyd did not experience his power yet as well as his movement and ferociousness.

In his response, Floyd Mayweather said that Conor McGregor who is the current UFC lightweight champion will go out on his face or on his back. The former world champion also added that even if he is already an old man at the age of 40, he still has enough to beat McGregor who never have an experience in boxing.

Moreover, Floyd Mayweather also teased Conor McGregor all the more when he said that the Irishman fighter only made $3m in his last fight as he also referred to the latter's submission defeat way back 2016 by Nate Diaz. He further claimed that Conor likes to quit and will wave the white flag the moment he will face Mayweather in the August 26 bout.