Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics claimed that the team needs to throw a huge amount of money in order to re-sign him in the team still. The latest NBA reports suggested that All-Star point guard Thomas will enter the market as an unrestricted free agent this summer and the Celtics needs to find ways if they still want him back.

Because of this latest report, it was claimed that Isaiah Thomas said that he deserves the max since he is also considered as a max guy in the NBA. The point guard also added that there is a need to continue to take care of the business on the court and let things happen as they have to be. Moreover, he also shared that all the point guards who got their money deserved it and his time is coming.

With that, Isaiah Thomas claimed that the Boston Celtics need to offer him a substantial amount considering his capability as an NBA star. According to USA Today, when he signed a $27 million deal with the team last 2014, this made him one of the most underpaid stars in the NBA league.

Additionally, Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas also said that he is deserving of a max contract since there is also an influx of cash because of the NBA's $24 billion TV deal. But according to reports, Thomas will just make $6 million next season which if compared to his colleagues in the NBA is considerably lesser.

It can be recalled that Isaiah Thomas was considered one of the best in the league after finishing third in the NBA in terms of points per game while he finished fifth in the MVP voting. He will be the third max player in the team if the Celtics decide to throw max money at him.

Further, there were several reasons enumerated which might hinder him to lead a team. Questions and doubts surrounded Isaiah Thomas regarding his ability to lead the team to a championship because of his 5 foot and 9 inches frame. This limits his ability on the defensive end. But when Boston signed him, his game suddenly improved until he became the new face of the franchise and a leader on the court.