Latest reports were telling that the cannabis industry is growing at an extraordinary pace and because of this, the business might continue to expand across the board. The raise ion the sale of marijuana was so significant in the past years.

With the recent reports on the sales of marijuana, it was claimed that the marijuana-related companies were able to gain more than $733 million just the first quarter of this year. If this figure is to be compared last year, there was really a significant increase.

According to Benzinga, there as varied factors which are reacted to the sudden increase of the sales in the cannabis industry. It was reported that the number of deals is also increasing apart from the augmented risk tolerance in the capital markets.

It can be recalled that in the previous reports, it was claimed that selling marijuana was legalized in some parts of the world. Though at first, it was offered for medicinal purpose, people can now purchase these for recreational purposes. This might also contribute to the rise in the sales of the cannabis industry.

Because of the unprecedented pace in the said industry, reports were also rife that these companies will expand across the board. In fact, latest reports suggested that new markets might be opened in Canada and California. But if this will take place in the near future, consumers can expect for investor sentiment notwithstanding the additional raises in the capital.

However, some companies are assured that the raises will not greatly affect the consumers since these will be carried out in the retail and the biotech sectors of the cannabis industry. But even if this is the case, Forbes reported that other consulting services companies will likewise benefit from these raises as they will gain power over the industry. It was added that the marijuana industry is getting bigger.

In addition, along with its unprecedented pace, there is a need for the biotech companies to increase their capital since they need to shell out a part of the clinical experiments which are deemed costly. But again, it is really on the retail side which generate a lot of revenues out from the increased in sales in the cannabis industry.