To mark its tenth anniversary, Apple is all set to launch a newly designed iPhone. And if rumors are to be believed, it will be nothing like the previous Apple iPhones as the world's bestselling smartphone company is planning major design of the upcoming iPhone that is set to be launched around August, with stunning features.

The upcoming Apple's iPhone 8 is expected to be launched to mark the smartphone selling company's tenth anniversary. And, it has everyone hooked as it will have a completely new design and will come with amazing features, which will be completely different from all the previous iPhones. According to reports from Forbes, iPhone 7S leaks suggest that the model will have dual vertical camera, Touch ID and front camera integrated under main display, and most importantly, wireless charging amongst a lot more stunning features.

In related news, it is being said that the upcoming Apple iPhone will have OLED display and a better screen to body ratio, BGR has learned. The home button will also be removed and speculations suggest that for the first time in the history of Apple, major hardware updates will be made.

However, the name that the iPhone will have is still unclear as it might be named iPhone 7S, iPhone 8 or iPhone X. And, since the tenth anniversary, Apple iPhone will be accompanied by two more different yet lesser models, it remains to be seen which one is named what.

It is worth mentioning here that since Apple is leaving no stones unturned for the upcoming iPhone, it is rumored that there might be some delay in its launch as it is being speculated that Apple iPhone 8 might not go into production before November. But, considering Apple's strategy of delivering the best, a little delay might not be as pinching or a hard thing to swallow for Apple lovers.