The iPhone's 10th year anniversary is fast approaching. The anticipation is high that Apple will be unleashing a special edition of its best-selling smartphone.

Initial rumors suggest that the next unit will come out as the iPhone 10 in honor of the item's phenomenal decade. Some think that the upcoming device will be simply branded as the iPhone 7S.

As 2016 inches to a close, the new loud buzz to surface is the coming of the iPhone 8. Whatever model Apple sets its sights into, the only guarantee that will happen is the launching of a new handset that exhibits noteworthy specifications.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Cupertino-based tech giant is eyeing design enhancements for 2017. It is likely that the improvements will include the OLED display, the ditching of the home button, wireless charging and the introduction of the fingerprint sensor on the screen.

Based on a conversation between an Apple executive and a China-based engineer, the firm is supposed to unveil an intriguing feature. However, the production lines are simply not ready for sophisticated brands that carry the curved surface frame.

Meanwhile, a Nikkei report has divulged that there will be three iPhone models slated to be released next year. The 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch item will still be sporting the traditional screens while another 5.5-inch device will be assuming a curved edge design. Observers believe that the third one will be the iPhone 8.

It should be noted that although Apple has patented a dual SIM technology, the tech company has never actually implemented it in any of its iPhone releases. With this in mind, there are speculations that the forthcoming item will be featuring such.

The patent applied by the Tim Cook-led organization involves separate antennas for two networks. It has been leaked that the dual SIM support will portray different roles.

If one number is being used for calling, the other one will be tapped to roam the internet. Both SIMs are capable of supporting LTE networks.