The Android Wear 2.0 developer edition will be instituted to make the watch connection essentially functional. New components have been made available on the system.

According to Hoi Lam, developer advocate in android developers' blog, the most noteworthy feature on the developer preview series 4 is the availability of application program interface (API). These settings empower apps to stand on their own.

The new program interface will be able to support seamless authentication, in-app billing and swipe-to-dismiss action. In addition, the program interface can also manage navigation drawers as well as monitor the WearableRecyclerView and Burn-in protection icon.

It is the intention of search engine giant Google to introduce new platforms that will assist developers to keep the authentication process in iPhone and android smartphones smooth and efficient. It is important that users are able to directly connect and utilize android wear on their phones.

The approach validates the execution of procedures between two devices. Through the API, users can activate a function on the watch that will open an authentication line at the other end.

Google has provided a one-click method when individuals sign in. Once the watch app will verify the interface, signing into a chosen account will be done.

In terms of in-app billing, android wear 2.0 developer preview will simply request for codes from its users. When paying, individuals will only need to tap a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) on the watch.

With regards to cross-device promotion, Google has installed a couple of application interface, namely, the PlayStoreAvailability and the RemoteIntent. Accessing the Play Store through another device allows individuals to install applications. Meanwhile, the remote function makes it possible for users to open custom URLs on the smartphone from a time piece.

The swipe-to-dismiss mode has been originally placed on android wear 1.0. As part of the simplification process, Google has associated with the method with corresponding actions. Directing the screen from left to right will automatically close an app. The hardware button will now be replacing the back key as a power switch.

Moreover, an entrenched mechanism from android wear 1.0 time piece will be supported by the 2.0 version. Users will be informed by Google about applications that had been previously utilized from the first watch through notifications. These apps will be made available on Play Store.