Is there no chance for former lovers Niall Horan and Selena Gomez to get back together? This might really be the case as recent reports are saying that the One Direction member has decided to stop pursuing the 'Hands To Myself' singer because of Justin Bieber.

It was previously reported that during the recent interview with television personality Ryan Seacrest, Horan has expresses his interest of reuniting with Gomez, when he was asked about his relationship status. He denied he has any girlfriend as of the moment, but was vocal about wooing the songstress again.

But according to a report from Inquisitr, the 23-year old singer has stated this time that he will not be pursuing Gomez anymore, and that is because her former controversial lover, Justin Bieber, is still actually interested in getting back with her once again.

It can be recalled that a Gomez-Bieber reconciliation was reported numerous times before, especially at the time where the pop star was at the rehab facility. This time that Gomez got out of rehab, the rumors about the 'Jelena' reconciliation is still surfacing.

The Hollywood Life reported that Horan would not fight fellow heartthrob just to get back with Gomez. According to the source, his friendship with Bieber is more important than a possible rekindled romance with her. This is understandable for some fans as Horan is known to be the most innocent member of the popular British boyband, One Direction, and fighting with a fellow musician is not in his aura.

It was also stated that part of the songstress' recovery is for her not to enter relationships for now so there is really a slim chance for Niall Horan to get back with Selena Gomez this time. But some fans hope that maybe in the future, when Justin Bieber is out of the picture, they could give themselves a second chance.