Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce rumors surfaced quite a few months back. However, it was only until a few weeks ago that the couple officially declared that they have decided to get separated.

While both Pitt and Jolie are finding it hard to cooperate with separation, new trouble could be just around the corner for both of them it seems. According to a report published by Yahoo, the new struggle involved their adopted son, Pax.

The publication reports that Pax's birth mother is demanding the custody of her 12-year-old son back. Reportedly, Pax's biological mother is "desperate" to reunite with him.

Pax's mother is still in a prison in Vietnam. A long time back, she had to give up the custody of her son because of imprisonment. Now 41-year old Jolie and 52-year-old Pitt are worried as parents that they might have to give Pax back to his mother. Currently, Pax is their second-eldest child.

According to a source close to the ex-couple, giving up the custody of their three adopted children - Maddox, Pax and Zara - has been one of the biggest fears for them. They have always been terrified about the idea that one day their biological parents would come up to take the children with them.

Speculations are high that Jolie and Pitt would not give up on Pax, or for that matter, any of their adopted children, without fighting for them. Pax was adopted by Jolie and Pitt couple in 2007, from an orphanage in Vietnam. Since then, Jolie has never visited the Vietnamese city.

Meanwhile, Jolie and Pitt's 10-year-old child Shiloh has demanded her complete family to be around to celebrate traditional Thanksgiving. According to Hollywood Life, Shiloh sent an emotional email to her parents, stating that this is exactly what their kids want for Thanksgiving.

May be Shiloh is just making an effort to bring her parents together. However, it is yet to see whether it works out for them or not.