The Last of Us was a huge hit among the PS4 players and even was exclusive to the console by Sony. It was a massive success that fans clamor for Last of Us 2.

However, there are speculations whether the iconic duo that appeared in the game would actually be brought back to the game sequel? Or will there be any other set of characters? The community for now seems to be in a state of confusion.

The rumours lead to a potential 2018 release. However, this hasn't been confirmed by Naughty Dog, the developers themselves. There were apparent reports that Nolan North, the voice actor for the game in an interview leaked the news by accident. Even in spite of that, the developers are still making sure nothing gets out to the public and everything is still confidential at the moment.

One other reason adds up to the fact that the developers brought out the game Uncharted 4: A Thief's End which saw its release in May this year. Fans speculate this might have delayed the development of the last of us 2.

There's now rumours even in Linkedin that the lead character artist Michael Knowland, who was associated with Naughty Dog team, has resigned. This might add up to external factors as to why there might be delay in the next sequel to the game.

According to Neil Druckmann, the creative developer at Naughty Dog came out with a subtle hint that they might be looking at an entirely different universe for Last of Us 2 some time back. That also leads to a report that the game might not be out until 2021.

To compensate this, the developers even got out the remastered edition of The Last of Us. However, this hasn't calmed things down for all gamers out there who are desperately hoping for something new.