The public has believed in Pangu to break through iOS 10. Though, the group has not released anything since September, which is when Apple first released its latest operating system. In the meantime, popular hacker Luca Todesco now has announced through twitter that he himself has a jailbreak tool for iOS 10.1.1.

Todesco, who is also known as @qwertyoruiop on the Twitter, shared the photo on Nov. 5. Todesco wrote, "Updated my stuff so it works on 10.1 too now." His followers immediately commented on the post, with some urging him to help out Pangu by sharing his jailbreak tool with the group. On the other hand, it has been reported that Todesco is not likely to release the jailbreak tool to the public.

The publication goes on to say that Todesco is not likely to help out the hacking group because he has been able to break through earlier versions of iOS 10 before. However, he did not offer any help to Pangu.

Todesco's tweet at least proves that it is possible to get through Apple's news OS 10 Jailbreaking tool. Now, it is suspected that Pangu will not release a jailbreak tool of own until sometime in 2017.

The official iOS 10.1.1 update from Apple is available, and can be installed by connecting one's device to iTunes or downloading it by going to Settings>General>Software Update. The update is available for iPhone 5 and later models and iPad 4th generation and later and in iPod series it is for the touch 6th generation and later.

Other than Todesco, other groups also have made claim to a successful tool. According to NeuroGadget , not all of these claims have proven worthwhile. A video which was released by Saurik has been put down by plenty, including the creator of Cydia himself.

Pangu could have reportedly got close to releasing one as the group had already released a demo before iOS 10 was officially released by Apple.