A paranormal investigator claimed that the British government is hiding the truth about UFOs and aliens.  There have been hundreds of UFO sightings across the continents and the United Kingdom is just one of the countries known as a UFO hotspot.

The founder of the Strange Phenomena Investigations that is responsible for carrying out UFO and Paranormal Research, Malcolm Robinson, has recently revealed that the former Ministry of Defense (MoD) has disclosed several cold case police files from Bonnybridge showing evidence of at least 300 UFO sightings at UK's own "Area 51".

The United Kingdom also has its own Area 51 just like in the U.S. This Area 51 is allegedly considered as a secret military base where the remains of the UFO space crafts are stored. According to a report published by TIME Magazine, UK possibly houses a top secret facility which is similar to Area 51 that stores evidences about UFO and alien sightings.

According to the reports, Malcolm has already submitted the case files about UFO sightings to the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron. He has also requested the government to launch a formal inquiry about extraterrestrial sightings.  However, the request was ignored.

The Mystery behind Area 51

In 2013, CNN reported that the Central Intelligence Agency has finally admitted that the Area 51 in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States is storing debris of extraterrestrial aircraft. And on 2014, the former Area 51 scientist, Boyd Bushman has exposed the evidence of aliens and UFOs before his last breath.

Now, it is not just the United States that stores UFO and aliens evidence. According to Robinson, the governments including Britain had covered up many sightings and files about UFOs and aliens.  He claimed that the manager of the defunct UFO desk, Nick Pope have lots of evidence, but refused to divulge half of it to the world.

UFO Department and Hotline was Shut Down

In 2009, the UFO department and hotline were closed because it no longer served its defense purpose. Documents were taken away and were later revealed from the Freedom of Information. Mr. Robinson said that the Ministry of Defence has slowly unveiled the government files about UFO sightings in the UK.