In September 2017, an alien invasion of the Earth can be expected. A leaked top-secret "report" from the conspiracy theory blogosphere revealed that leaked top-secret Kremlin documents expose the secret meetings that took place between President Vladimir Putin of Russia and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden had delivered Putin a message from President Barack Obama that Russia needs to cooperate with the US so that an "Earth-wide" missile defense system can protect our planet from alien UFO invasion that will occur in September, 2017.


YouTube/UFOMania - The Truth is out there

It happened when NASA satellites located a huge "miles-wide" alien UFO invasion fleet when it came into the solar system. It was heading towards the Earth, and is expected to hit the planet on September 2017.

On January 15, 2014, the report was featured on a number of alien and UFO conspiracy theory blogs, which explained that the U.S. Department of Defense had launched three Terrier-Orion rockets from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility. It is not clear why it was done, but there are speculations that Pentagon is trying to probe the alien UFO invasion fleet.

NASA also found that the mysterious force field is acting in a way similar to the Earth's magnetic field. It is "deflecting" space energy particles that constitute the solar wind.

The fleet had come so close to the Earth that amateur sky watchers examined its minor details through powerful telescopes, said the reports. However, the aliens will not reveal the purpose of the missions until late 2017, when they reach the Earth.

Opinions over the ETs are divided. Some are convinced that they are hostile enemies who hold the threat of invasion over our heads. On the other hand, many are afraid that the aliens are benevolent and have come to save us from World War III conflicts between the U.S. and Russia.

Conspiracy theorists are convinced that the aliens can save our planet from the evil NWO-Illuminati globalist cabal that wants to impose a dictatorial rule over the world.

However, many were surprised that they had not already descended down on the world.

"Thought they should've been here already," a believer commented. "These Aliens keep on wasting our time. We've been waiting since 2000 and its 16 years now. They are telling us that they will arrive next year. When next year comes they will probably take a detour and visit Mars and we will have to wait for 2019. Then they might decide to go to Venus and check it out before they come here and then they delay again till 2021. And so this generation dies out..."

One 'soothsayer,' Psychic T. Chase, has revealed in a video on his channel Revelation13net that recent warnings of an alien invasion fleet by 2017 are supported by Nostradamus as well as the Book of Revelation: "Decode Rev. 19 and it sounds like a UFO invasion. 'And I saw heaven opened and a white horse...' Rev. 19:14 says 'and the armies in heaven followed on white horses.'"

There are predictions that the aliens would intervene to stop a World War III encounter between the U.S. and Russia., after which they are expected to set up a new global government and spark off a genetic engineering program to protect humankind from its own self-destruction.