Apple's 10th Anniversary is just around the corner. To make the most out of it, the Cupertino-based tech company is eyeing a new but distinct item for its iPhone series.

Prior to the launching of the iPhone 7, the Tim Cook-led group intends to expand its iPhone 6 unit. The 6 SE variation is supposed to hit the market but Apple had second thoughts about skipping the 7th series.

Now, the plan to by-pass a few numbers down the line is shaping up. With a celebration approaching, Apple wants a unit that will reinforce its decade observance exciting.

According to Timothy Arcuri of the Cowen Group, expecting an iPhone 10 next year is not really surprising. The launching perfectly matches Apple's recognition of a progressive decade in smartphone production. However, this also means that there will be no iPhone 7S, iPhone 8, 8S, iPhone 9 and 9S models along the way.

Observers point out that Apple can risk skipping an entire line of products if the approach is more rewarding. With the iPhone 10, it is highly likely considering the timing of the anniversary launching.

From the looks of it, the process will be a major jump in terms of sales. One analyst says that the iPhone 7 is a significant catalyst since it can possibly heighten the connection between a passive fan base to a resurgent circle of enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the iPhone 10 launching is not merely about the anniversary issue. Back in September, CEO Tim Cook has revealed another downward trend in iPhone sales. Instituting a commemorative product can likely boost a sagging figure.

Arcuri thinks that the time is perfect for an upgrade considering that around 43 percent of iPhone users are holding onto a unit that is a couple of years older.

UBS Asia Telecom analyst Jinjin Wang points out that the declining iPhone demand in China is another key contributor to Apple's troubles. With local brands like Huawei, Oppo and Vivo gaining ground, it is inevitable that market fallout for foreign smartphones will happen soon.