Apple Pay is now live in Japan and the apps may be used to pay for purchases such as transit tickets.

Uses of iPhone 7 series smartphones could use Apple Pay by tapping their devices over a card reader after the apps was launched in the country last Oct. 25. 

iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus  include both Sony Felica NFC support to make quick payments. Apple Pay can pay at selected grocery stores, vending machines, cafes, transit tickets, In-App purchases on websites, and online shopping. Apple Watch Series 2 also supported Apple Pay.

It's easy to use and setup. Apple Pay would be much helpful for all users in Japan. It supports FeliCa payment standards that are commonly accepted in Japan.

Apple Pay in Japan is tied-up with credit and debit cards issued by SoftBank, dCard, American Express, Mastercard, Orico, Credit Saison, Aeon Financial, and JCB, among others.

How to use Suica Card with Apple Pay?

In order to use Suica with Apple Pay, add your Suica card or Suica Commuter Pass details. Your card balance information and commuter pass details would be quickly transferred and you do not need to carry around the plastic card. Apple Pay would take care of all your purchases and payments transactions. In similar way, one can use Suica card with Apple WatchSeries 2. Apple

How to charge Suica Card?

To charge to your Suica Card, just linked your Apple Pay to the accredited credit or debit cards. With cards being linked with Apple Pay, one can charge purchases to Sucia Card. 

After successful launch of Apple Pay in Japan, Apple Pay will also be live in 12 countries including UK, US, China, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore and New Zealand.