With the unveiling of RS-28 Sarmat, the biggest nuclear weapon the world has ever seen, Russia is flexing its arms again on the U.S. and its allies on the west.

While the U.S. focused on stopping the nuclear weapon programs of North Korea, Russia unveiled its super-nuke weapon capable of wiping out France or Texas recently.

Dubbed as "Satan 2", the RS-28 Sarmat missile is 2,000 times as powerful as the Hiroshima nuclear bomb in 1945. It could deliver a 40-megaton warhead at a speed of 7kps. Its maximum range is up to 10,000 km, a distance farther than Moscow and Vladivostok.

The Russian government also claims that "Satan 2" can travel across to the South Pole to strike any target in South America, bypassing the defense missile systems of the U.S.

Aside from its anti-radar cability, "Satan 2" is said to contain 16 nuclear warheads and can take out 10 different targets in one strike.

Amid series of disagreements with the U.S., the Russian government carried out moves that irked the leaders of the western world. The latest of these rhetoric was Russia's sending its warships at the English Channel early this week.

It seems that Russia is flexing its military muscle again as tensions with the US and its allies broke especially on the handling the issues on Syria.

After "Satan 2" was made public, Russia has declassified the first image of its new thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile.

With this new nuclear weapon, America's Cold War rival Russia has given the world a cause of concern.

"Five or six of these 'Satans' as they are known by the US military, and the East Coast of the United States disappears," said Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy.

For his part, Jeffrey Lewis, director of East Asia Nonproliferation Program, described the missile as "very, very large and very much larger than anything in the American arsenal."