OnePlus 4 is the most awaited flagship device by the Chinese tech giant OnePlus. Speculations on OnePlus 4 are amazing and if these rumors turn out to be true, OnePlus 4 will be the flagship killer. OnePlus 4, the future killer flagship of the tech giant OnePlus is rumored to arrive soon.

According to GameNGuide, OnePlus 4 is speculated to arrive in the middle of 2017. Later, the reports clearly show up the release date of OnePlus 4 to be June, 2017 or around the same date as Samsung's flagship Galaxy S8 is rumored to launch i.e. in March 2017.

Though, Oneplus company has not made any official statement on the OnePlus 4 flagship, rumors are at peak about the OnePlus 4 arriving in 2017 with amazing specifications and features.

OnePlus 4 smartphone is speculated to have best-in-segment features and is expected to be a killer flagship of 2017. Five reasons which can make OnePlus 4 the best smartphone of 2017,

Design and display: OnePlus 4 is expected to have metallic curved body, display is rumored to be well designed to give the perfect eye catching feel on the screen. OnePlus 4 is expected to have 5.5 inch diagonal screen with Qaud HD display with 4k resolution. Also, expected to have 3D technology and device front display will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Processor and OS: the most important part of the OnePlus 4 is the expectations of being powered with QUALCOMM Snapdragon 830 processor with an extra powerful RAM of 8GB. The powerful RAM and Processor will boost the OnePlus 4 to be the most powerful smartphone in the tech market. OnePlus 4 is expected to come with the goodies from Android 7.0 Nougat while maintaining OxygenOS' custom touch.

Battery: in-order to power the high end RAM and processor, OnePlus 4 is expected to come with 4000mAh battery with  a support of quick charging.

Camera: OnePLus 4 will be expected with the most powerful camera in the smartphones ever with a 23MP camera at the rear and 8MP camera in the front.

Storage and other features: OnePlus 4is expected to boom-in mighty storage capacity for the phone with a 64GB internal memory at the starting and 256 GB for the higher ones. OnePlus 4 will have the other features like the USB-C port and NFC support.

The expected price tag of OnePlus 4 is 400USD as the predecessor were sold at around the same price.