Jordan Clarkson seems to be out of fortune as he is speculated to be on his way out of the Lakers. Jordan Clarkson seems to be losing his spot with the Los Angeles Lakers as the starting point guard. Clarkson will see his role reduced into a bench player. There are rumors that the move to the bench is a way for the team to let the attention focus on young star D'Angelo Russell, and that Clarkson could be removed from the Lakers via a trade.

Clarkson and Russell are mentioned in some talks and speculations that one of them will be traded off because LA Lakers don't have big money to pay two starting quality point guards.

People are already calling PG Russell as the successor to Stephen Curry or the next superstar. This seems to make it more concrete that if one of them is traded, it would be Clarkson.

Clarkson to be traded with Cavs JR Smith or Philadelphia Sixers

In one of the rumors, it has been said that the Lakers will have a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. In the deal, Philadelphia receives Jordan Clarkson in exchange for Los Angeles getting one of the Sixers big men (Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel).

News has been circulating since the beginning of October that the Cleveland Cavaliers are about to take a contract with JR Smith as he was a pivotal part of their taking the championship last year. But there seems to be a problem with the negotiation that has left fans intrigued. As of now, within a month before the start of the NBA regular season, the renowned guard has still yet to join any team.

People are sparking up possibilities of him Smith taking Clarkson's spot on the LA LakersThese are all rumors and concrete information will be available when the NBA season officially starts.