Europa is a current target for NASA to explore and reports in the internet suggested that NASA is preparing to explore the hidden ocean of Jupiter's moon.  

Europa's icy crust is speculated to be the home of aliens. NASA is also building a submarine to boom in the salty water ocean and check out the presence of available organic matters or any other substance.

The Hubble Space Telescope was used by the researchers to find the plumes of water vapor hitting up from the ice crust. Recent reports revealed that the researchers discovered that the freezing tidal stresses and the constant squeezing and stretching on the moon were due to Jupiter's enormous gravity. This causes plumes of water vapor towering up to 125 miles.

As per the reports, the Hubble space telescope found materials from the surface of Europa, which is reported to resemble reserves of liquid water. NASA said that those resemblance was a firm evidence that there are likely chances of alien existing in the salty ocean water of Jupiter's moon.

NASA also found out that the ocean below the ice crust has a 100-kilometer deep. It is likely that species can exist within the deep salty water. To discover these species, NASA is preparing for the explorations and expects aliens to be there too.

According to the reports, NASA is reported to be at its initial stage in developing a spacecraft to explore Europa in 2020s along with a perfect submarine to explore the ocean, which is 10 times deeper than the deepest ocean on Earth.

It is also reported that Europa's ocean is likely to be made of rocky floor and chances of existence of alien-life or any other species is reported to be higher deep inside the Europa's salt water oceans.