Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe is in the headlines for allegedly having a loaded shotgun at his residence. Eventually, reports raised that Rowe was found dead in his house naked.

A report published by The Huffington Post states that Rowe heard a buzzing sound while asleep and immediately grabbed his 12-gauge Mossburg shotgun.

To his dismay, he saw a drone just feet away with a camera pointed towards him. He was almost naked and pointed the gun towards the drone, however, something caught on his mind and stopped shooting the drone.

Mike Rowe's post on Facebook states that: "I'd like to tell you I stopped because I realized that discharging my weapon in such a fashion would be frowned on by the local constabulary. But really, what stopped me was the realization that somewhere nearby, a drone operator was staring at his monitor, pondering the image of a very naked guy with a very familiar face, pointing a shotgun into the lens of his Go Pro and looking every bit as crazy as Gary Busey and Nick Nolte at the nadir of their careers. I froze, because I could see the video that might very well appear on the local news, (with considerable blurring, naturally.) The same video that might soon appear on my mother's computer screen, along with the headline-'Dirty Jobs Guy Totally Loses It - Gets Naked and Shoots Drone From San Francisco Skies.' "

He further added, "When the moment passed I put the shotgun down and reached for my phone instead, just as the wicked contrivance bugged out for the Wild Blue Yonder."

The TV star is perfectly fine but hasn't found the prankster yet. He also mentioned that his death hoax rumors are overly exaggerated. Mike Rowe was shot to fame for his awesome narration on Dirty Jobs, perhaps, this rumor might add more value to his popularity.