Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar are rumored to be back on television on the show "Counting On." If the speculations about Josh's return turns to be true, it is to be seen whether this move turns out to be a great idea or a mistake for TLC.

Rumors that are doing the rounds suggest that Josh will be back on television and will appear alongside the Duggar family. Notably, Anna was seen on the show talking about their marriage and Josh but this will be a first post the scandals that Josh may be back.

Considering Josh's violations of the family's core values, it is not sure if fans will forgive Josh, The Hollywood Gossip reports. Moreover, this comes at a time when it was being said that the Duggar girls might be quitting "Counting On." Reportedly, the Duggar family has debunked all such reports.

It is worth mentioning here that both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar hold different views when it comes to Josh's return to the family and Michelle is against Josh being welcomed back. But if Josh were to return to the show and the family, big ratings and media interest are given factors.  

In the recent past, Josh was charged with molestation of younger girls as a teenager and his name also appeared in the Ashley Madison hack. At that time, his wife Anna was expecting their fourth child and the consequences of Josh's scandal caused a lot of damage to the family, emotionally as well as financially, as it led to the cancellation of the show, "19 Kids and Counting."

Post the scandal, Josh underwent treatment for sex addiction and was also seeing a marriage counselor. Recently, the couple also celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary, and it seems that Anna has forgiven Josh, Inquisitor claims.

It was at this time that TLC approached the family for a short series to let the fans know about the family and seeing the good rating, the channel offered them a full season and "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" happened.

Well, it is to be seen how the fans take the proposition of Josh returning to television after the scandal, especially since the Duggars earned back their respect by keeping Josh at arm's length. But if Josh actually gets back, things might take a different turn, maybe good or maybe bad for the family as well as for TLC.