Samsung received numerous complaints in South Korea on the non-removable battery of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units, which replaced previously "exploding" Note 7.

However, there is no report of how many devices were affected and how many customers purchased the Note 7 and have similar problems, according to Wall Street Journal.

Samsung has released a statement saying that they are investigating the situation but considered the report as "isolated cases." In addition, the company pointed out that the cases are not connected in the previous battery problems.

With the Note 7 recall, Samsung lost its credibility to consumers. Telegraph reported that $26 billion lost on the company's share value.

An investigation revealed that the battery failures are from flaws, which put too much pressure on the battery plates that result to overheating.

After the investigation and numerous complaints about the battery problems, the South Korean company is still not vindicated amid new complaints in the replacement phones.

Reports said that Samsung Note 7 replacement phones are having battery problems too. After a massive recalled globally of the smartphones, customers still complained and reported that Note 7 have been losing battery quickly even while charging.

However, Samsung coordinated with US Consumer Product Safety Commission to inform the public about the massive recall.

It also replaced new patches for safety. The first patch limits charge of the battery by 60 percent; thus, it helps the phone to have less pressure on the battery. The second patch send notification to users to replace their immediately.

Samsung announced the half million replacement of Note 7 in US and they will not allow purchase of the faulty smartphones until all product has been replaced.