When he took his dog for a walk through a UK forest, he never thought that three shining orbs in the sky were going to be the highlight of his evening. Still, they were. The 32-year-old did get struck by them, and they did follow him through the hills near Great Shefford in Berkshire.

He had already seen them four times, so on Monday he took his camera because he wanted to capture the mysterious orbs and examine them closely. However, the camera refused to take his side after he captured some footage. Then the camera suddenly died even though it was fully charged.

The lighted orbs baffled the citizens of the leafy village in West Berkshire, as they were seen over the forest many times by different people in the past three months.

However, the dog-walker managed to capture some of the scenes, shooting the shiny orbs floating over the sky on Monday at around 7.45pm.

The man said: "There is no pattern as to when they appear - it's not a particular day or time but I've seen them about four times now. They have always been in the same position and the most lights I've seen at one time was six. They stay in the sky for a maximum of 15 minutes and then just disappear.

The comments that followed the article trod the usual trail. The readers were neatly divided over whether it was a UFO or not. While one reader said that it was a Chinese lantern, another said that it was a helicopter. The rare commentator called it a UFO---and asked the others to "do some research" on their UFOs.

What could the lights be? Different camera shots have captured different sights---mostly in the sky. Most of them were lights, mysterious objects shaped like spaceships, cigars, doughnuts or saucers.

It certainly looks like the aliens love Hollywood too!

YouTube/tictac mix