While the reality show "19 Kids and Counting" may have been banned, the interest in Duggar family refuses to go away and some great news has come out about the celebrity family. Jinger Duggar will soon be walking down the aisle with Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger has spoken about her surprising decision to marry soon and clarified that the marriage is not the result of those pregnancy rumors, reports claim. She explained that they paced up things because they were in love and also said that she is different from her elder sisters.

It may be mentioned here that the Duggars are known for their conservative values. Jinger's elder sisters Jill and Jessa followed the family rules and their courtship was also documented in the reality show with the latter saving her first kiss for her wedding day. Her parents have been known to be very vocal about their family rules regarding courtship but Jinger begs to differ.

According to reports, her rules are different and she can make her own. The same applies for Jeremy too but he admitted to saving physical intimacies for marriage while acknowledging that it is quite challenging.

As far as the marriage is concerned, it is also going to be different than what her sisters have undergone. It is speculated that Jinger will have a wedding in New York City, in her own way, as opposed to the traditional church wedding her sisters had. However, it is not yet confirmed as the couple has not spoken anything regarding their wedding plans.

To know the details, fans would have to wait for the upcoming episodes of "Counting On" as it is expected to throw light on the event. Also, Anna Duggar, who was rumored to have been neglected in the new season, would be making an appearance.

She is hopeful of making her marriage work with Josh Duggar and the couple is taking the help of  a marriage counselor to improve things. Though she is wary of trusting him again, she is willing to make efforts to rebuild trust for a healthy married life.