"Supernatural" Season 12 is all set to be back this Oct. and, it holds a lot of interesting stuff for fans. Executive producer Robert Singer has revealed exciting details about the upcoming season and said that fans will see a lot more than they expected.

Singer said that the upcoming season will see a different Dean and Sam as they will be more "single-minded" for the mission that they are on. He further stated that for the first time the brothers will be on the same page on "Supernatural" Season 12, even though they will have their share of disagreements and agreements.

Moreover, Singer revealed that the season will return to its roots and Lucifer will enter the body of a handsome rocker, which will be played by singer Rick Springfield.

Springfield has given his consent to play the rocker who is possessed by Lucifer and has said that his role is pretty well written and fun-filled. He further stated that for one of the scenes he had to get makeup done for two hours. However, he has termed the experience to be great and admitted that the effects that are being used in the show, "Supernatural" are incredible.

It should be mentioned here that Springfield has recently played some eccentric roles on TV shows like "Californication" and "True Detective."

According to reports, Dean, played by actor Jensen Ackles, will witness Mary's reappearance and will also hunt for Sam in Season 12 of "Supernatural." However, Sam is unaware that his brother is alive and will also not expect that his brother will come to his rescue. Ackles has also revealed that Dean will have an idea of the place where Sam is.

Additionally, Ackles also revealed that "Supernatural" Season 12 will have the fans witnessing some Liam Neeson's, "Taken" kind of action.

The Season 12 of "Supernatural" will be back on the CW from Oct. 13, at 9 p.m.