The new generation action camera, GoPro Hero 5, will have some exciting features. It might be accompanied with a dual-lens feature, and have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that makes it speedier and more proficient than its earlier models.

However, the new release is expected to present a simpler form of GoPro with less parts. The Verge comments that a "go-anywhere camera" could be fit into small spaces and yet achieve unexpected results.

The new features will enable users to capture and stream 1080 at 30fps at the same time.

The Hero 5 is expected to come with 8K resolution support and the capacity to shoot at 60 frames per second. It may enter the market with a dual-lens feature for 3D footages. Rumours whisper that the company is including a water-resistance feature on the camera at a depth of 60m.

Moreover, GoPro Hero 5 is focusing on a particular market, the athletic community. The new version is expected to be very versatile, but to optimise its capabilities, it is clear that GoPro Hero 5 should be used properly and in the right place.

However, it is not clear whether it will be priced decently. GoPro Hero 5 rate would be between $450 to $550, in spite of its "smaller and lighter features".

GoPro CEO Nicholas Woodman, who disclosed the plans of the family to streamline it, says that the company is expecting to put a stop on selling the Hero, Hero and Hero LCD cameras, but will concentrate on selling the Hero 4 Session, Silver and Black cameras.

GoPro then will release the much-awaited Karma drone soon. It will be followed by the Hero 5 camera in the latter part of the year.

"Later this year, we will introduce the most connected and convenient GoPro we have ever made, Hero 5," said Woodman.

He added that Hero 5, along with other products to be released in the future, will have better connectivity. Users can connect the GoPro action cameras to their smartphones, helping them to save photos onto the cloud.

The company has continued to stay quite about its development, much less its release date. However, tech observers thinks that the upcoming model of the GoPro Hero 5 line will come out around in October 2016.