Warning: The following contains massive spoilers for AMC's "The Walking Dead."

Negan, Negan, Negan. That's all "Walking Dead" fans have been hearing about for years as it was only a matter of time until the iconic comic book villain made his small screen debut. This long awaited introduction was confirmed late last year when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast in the role and the Internet lost its collective mind. Finally, fans said, we would be treated to one of the best bad guys in modern storytelling.

But wait, doesn't Negan's debut mean the end for Steven Yeun's Glenn Rhee, one of the most popular characters on the entire show? Yes, it probably does. You see, in the comics Glenn is brutally beaten to death by Negan and his barbed wire wrapped bat that he affectionately names Lucille. While Yeun and showrunner Scott Gimple have tried to play coy with that particular storyline, fans in the know have been expecting Glenn's death on the show ever since.

Will they be right? Spoil The Dead have leaked some crucial inside information on the episode and The Spoiling Dead Fans have subsequently released a list of confirmed information and unconfirmed rumors to help "Walking Dead" fans navigate the treacheries of the upcoming season six finale. Continue at your own risk.

Possible Season Finale Spoilers**Warning** Possible Negan/Lucille spoilers ahead. If you don't wanna know. Now is a...

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

To recap:

-A handful of our heroes are attempting to transport a very pregnant Maggie to the Hilltop Colony so she can receive the medical attention she needs. This being "The Walking Dead," that plan obviously doesn't go well. It is unknown exactly who is in the group.

-The Saviors block off the roads, forcing Rick and Co. to talk with them. There is a character who is bloodied and beaten, likely being used as a scare tactic (sorry, guy. That sucks).

-Rick tries to negotiate with the lead Savior. They exchange threats and it doesn't appear as if any progress on a deal is made. Surprise, surprise.

-The Saviors start pushing Rick and Co. into a trap of some sorts. They open fire on them, but purposely miss so that they can force them to a certain area.

-Daryl and Michonne are taken hostage at some point. A lock of Michonne's hair and Daryl's jacket are placed on Walkers to scare Rick's group and/or let them know their buddies are being held captive.

-The group is held at gun point by the Saviors until the moment we've all been waiting for.

-NEGAN! He finally makes his long awaited debut with Lucille in tow. He waxes poetic about Rick's crimes against him and explains that he must take retribution. Not only will the Alexandria Safe Zone start handing over half of their supplies, but Negan must kill one member of Rick's group to teach them a lesson. (If Negan really wanted to deliver a lasting blow, he'd kill Rick. It's the strategic move, but that's never going to happen).

-He debates killing Maggie, who is suffering from intense labor pain, but Glenn interjects.

-After a sickening game of "eeny, meeny, miny moe," Negan makes his choice and bashes the character's head in with Lucille...

-Unfortunately, it sounds like we have no idea who that choice is. The camera shifts to the character's point of view so we never actually see who is killed. If this is the case, it's a major let down from a narrative standpoint. That's a seven month cliffhanger for a moment fans have been expecting since the show's beginning. That's how soap operas tell stories, not solid cable dramas. It's a ratings grab and a cheat to the loyal audience.

What do you think, "Walking Dead" fans? Do you agree with this semi-unconfirmed plan for the show's season six finale or do you want something more definitive? Let us know in the comments below.

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