USA Network's "Mr. Robot" was the surprise hit of last summer. With its mind-bending plot and unique tone and structure, viewers instantly took to the cyber-hacker drama. Strong performances across the board didn't hurt, either. But what also helped the freshman series connect with audiences was its grounded and hyper realistic approach to cyber (in)security that felt remarkably close to home. "Mr. Robot" mirrored real life issues that are coming up in the news everyday.

That trend will continue in Season 2, as the series will tackle the relevant topics of data encryption and privacy once again.

Creator Sam Esmail revealed in a recent interview that the second season will heavily focus on encryption and privacy just as the FBI is currently locked in a battle with Apple over the same exact issues in reality. Esmail believes it's something that will only grow in importance over the next decade and that because the average viewer may not understand the complexities of the issue, he wants to bring it to the forefront this season and explore all of its intricacies.

The first season borrowed from the real life hacks of Sony and Ashley Madison, and the second season will follow a similar path. But don't worry, Esmail promised that fans will still get answers to looming questions from the first season while he tackles new content.

As the showrunner explained, Elliot (Malek) committed a major crime at the end of the first season. Now, viewers will see the consequences and fall out from that action. The introduction of a law enforcement element, spearheaded by season two addition Grace Gummer, will explore the opposite side of the issue and give audiences a new perspective on the matter.

Season two will also continue to delve into the unchecked greed and power of major corporations and the socioeconomic ramifications of such a system. That means we should get more E(vil) corps once again. Hopefully, that means finding out what happened to Tyrell Wellich.

Season two of "Mr. Robot" is expected to premiere sometime in June or July of this year, according to Esmail.