In November, director Zack Snyder confirmed that Lex Luthor would be in the "Man of Steel" sequel at a special Q&A session with fans. There has been a ton of speculation about who would play the villain in the upcoming movie. At one point Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Mark Strong (Green Lantern) were rumored for the role but according to a new report there are two new frontrunners.

According to, Denzel Washington (2 Guns) and Idris Elba (Thor 2) have been approached for the role. Elba has reportedly tested for the role, the source said adding that the film really wants Washington but "nothing ever materialized."

Also approached to play Lex was "a certain re-occurring [African-American] cast member from 'Arrow.' Both David Ramsey and Colin Salmon could also land the role.

"It appears they are testing actors from all ethnicities to portray the billionaire arch-nemesis of [Superman]," the website writes.

However, just because the studio has been reportedly testing black actors doesn't mean Lex Luthor will ultimately end up being cast as a non-Caucasian actor. The source also spilled some more details about the "Man of Steel" sequel claiming that Justice League is toying with the idea to make the team a "United Nations of Superheroes."

There were rumors that Flash would be played by a Latino or Hispanic actor, Superman (Henry Cavill) represents the world as a whole since he is an immigrant to Earth, Batman (Ben Affleck) will represent the United States as an American and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is Israeli.

Yesterday, Snyder announced that Gadot had been cast to play the superheroine.

"Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role," director Zack Snyder told Deadline. "We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character."

The "Man of Steel" sequel is scheduled to hit theaters July 17, 2015.

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