A Brooklyn-based food manufacturer has released a limited batch of hot sauce inspired by Sen. Bernie Sanders. The special "Feel The Bern" label is the latest campaign product to come out in the 2016 election season.

Tango Chile Sauce developed the condiment in support of Sanders' presidency. With each purchase of the sauce, which is priced at $10 a bottle, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the presidential candidate's campaign.

Tango Chile Sauce chose to support Sanders because - just like the company - the Vermont senator has roots in Brooklyn. The special sauce is especially "handmade" using "peppers, herbs, vegetables and spices" in its ingredients, its founder Dan Frieber said. The Feel The Bern sauce has a "tangy and zesty flavor" with a hint of spice and sweetness.

The hot sauce might also go well with the "Bernie Sandwiches," if it were an actual campaign product. Remember when MSNBC host Chris Hayes mistakenly referred to the senator by this name during the New Hampshire Primary in February? It sparked countless of memes on the internet, including a spot on Stephen Colbert's show.

"A name everyone can get behind, because he's not a member of the old boys club; he fights the rich guys on behalf of the po' boys," said Colbert in a "Late Show" segment referring to "Bernie Sandwiches." "Someone with a trusting open face, and will surely win Florida by appealing to Cubans and - this is a French dip, so - au Jewish candidate."

However, Hayes addressed his mistake by saying he was distracted by something he saw while doing his news report:

That same night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly also made a mistake with Sanders' name when she addressed the senator as "Bernie Sandals." Just like the sandwiches, this sparked reaction from social media users.

But while those Bernie products aren't real, the Feel The Bern Tango Chile Sauce is and it can be shipped for free anywhere in the United States.

Oh, and so are the "Feel The Bern" underpants. Just sayin'.