An enterprising mother in North Dakota has designed and created tattoo sleeves for children. Her idea allows for kids to exude biker coolness without subjecting them to painful tattoo procedures.

Tera Christianson has been working as a children's photographer for 10 years and has seen her fair share of uninteresting children's outfits during photoshoots. As a mother of four young girls, she has been looking for unique and hip children's clothes. The selections at the stores are usually adorable, but to her, many of the designs are similar and common. She wanted the kids' clothes to be "rockin'."

When she couldn't find the right types, Christianson decided to create her own clothing label. TotTude was established due to her desire to dress her kids in styles that are "sure to turn heads." She started dressing the girls with quirky and colorful petticoats, but she got the idea for the tattoo sleeves when she was asked to come up with interesting options for boys. "I heard countless times from mums how they wish there were more clothing options out there, especially for boys," Christianson said.

The tattoo sleeves are made from 100 percent jersey cotton, nylon and spandex. They're soft, breathable and comfortable to wear, so little kids won't have to fiddle with them. The sleeves' designs consist of hearts, skulls, tribal markings, flames and barbed wires. However, there are also less radical options for parents who don't want too many embellishments on their children, such as tattoo sleeves with the words "I Love Mom" or "I Love Dad" on them.

Christianson claims that the parents love her designs. "They have been a huge hit and I love making them. I have a lot of other ideas swirling around in my head, and I'm so excited for the future of my clothing line," she said.

The tattoo sleeves can be removed and washed just like any regular garment, but if this isn't right up your alley, Christianson's online store also has a selection of Mohawk hoodies, bandannas and accessories for baby rockers. The clothing line caters to babies and children up to the age of 10.

 Can't stand the cuteness here! Little Ezra is rocking that #TotTude Mohawk hat and tattoo tee!

A photo posted by Tera (@tottude) on May 5, 2015 at 8:08am PDT