New York Senator Chuck Schumer is fighting to end cramped seating on airplanes, and he's trying to get the Federal Aviation Administration to join his fight, the New York Post reports.

He wants to require airlines to adhere to certain seat-size standards. He believes that 35 inches, or three feet, of space is necessary between seat rows.

"Whether it's between seats or between rows, passenger space onboard flights has become smaller and smaller squeezing passengers and making air travel uncomfortable and overcrowded. This squeezing, tightening and cramming of our airline seats makes people feel more like sardines," Schumer said, according to New York Daily News.

Currently, the amount of legroom between rows averages out to about 31 inches. The width of a seat has also shrunk to 17 inches. There is no regulation or law in place that requires airlines to keep certain seating standards, only mandates that dictate evacuation standards.

Schumer's pursuit has led him to Congress where he has proposed an amendment to the FAA Reauthorization Bill, according to USA Today.

"We believe the government should not regulate, but instead market forces, which reflect consumer decisions and competition should determine what is offered. As with any commercial product or service, customers vote every day with their wallet," said Jean Medina, an Airlines for America spokeswoman.