Starbucks fans rejoice! Your favorite coffee is making its first appearance in the Italian coffee market.

The coffee chain has announced that it plans to open its first Starbucks café in 2017, according to the Washington Post. The Italian café will partner with Percassi and will be located in Milan.

"There are very few markets and stores that I'm as intimately involved in as this. We're going to come here with great humility," said Starbucks CEO Howard D. Schultz, the New York Times reports"Starbucks history is directly linked to the way the Italians created and executed the perfect shot of espresso. Everything that we've done sits on the foundation of those wonderful experiences that many of us have had in Italy."

Starbucks currently operates in 70 countries but has been hesitant to enter the Italian market, one known for its infamous espresso. The company also has plans to open 500 stores in China in a year.

Europe in general, however, is still new territory for the company. Only 2,500 Starbucks cafes operate in Europe, Africa and the Middle East currently, according to Fortune.

There is no word yet on how many stores the company plans to operate once its first café has opened in Italy.