When people think of the library, they're likely to associate this with a quiet but boring watering hole for booklovers and nerds. But some libraries around the world have changed the atmosphere around the stereotype by introducing a cocktail bar, and giving birth to the library bar.

Below are a few of the best library bars to visit if you're looking to read some books with some booze:

1. Library Bar in Los Angeles, California. 

This bar offers a good selection of classic novels, which patrons can enjoy with cocktails, grilled cheese and their famous chorizo sliders. It's cozy and dimly-lit with Spanish-inspired decorations, according to Serious Eats.

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2. The Fable in Holborn, London.

This bar has plenty of natural light given its wide windows. The area is also big, spanning three floors of books and booze. Like the bar's book collection, the food selection is also extensive. Though it takes inspiration from fairy-tales, nothing about the bar looks whimsical or Disney-like, according to The Sunday Times.

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3. The Library, NoMad Hotel in Manhattan, New York.

Located inside the NoMad Hotel, this site is a two-level area that offers a mixed selection of literary collections. On some Sundays, the site is packed like a public library, according to The Tablet. The tables have reading lights and the ambience is quiet and hushed.

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4. Bush Theatre in Shepherd's Bush, London.

This site, first built in the '70s, is also a theater house aside from a bar and library. If you enjoy plays, they have a good selection of scrips, theater books and articles. Some writers also hold their workshops here.

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5. Far Rockaway in Shoreditch, London.

This library boasts of an extensive comic book collection and serves beers and burgers to its patrons. Unlike the others, this place has Americana street art decors, with a "loud and lairy" vibe, according to Standard.