Edible spoons are now a thing thanks to the latest kitchen gadget that you're going to want to get your hands on immediately. Not only will the Edible Spoon Maker save you clean up time, but they results are practical, delicious and can be used for a lot more than you think.

The Edible Spoon Maker creates four soup-like spoons out of any dough - whether it's homemade, or premade and store bought - and only takes about three minutes to bake these spoons that are "essentially four miniature bread bowls," according to Gizmodo. The dough can be put into the "life-changing" device once it's rolled and cut out, and then served with your choice of soup, stew, chili, cereal, salad, yogurt, pasta, ice cream or dip. The possibilities really are endless.

"Add spice to your spoons to give bland food a kick or to match already spicy foods," the site reads. "Sweeten spoons to make a great pair with already sweet cereal or even sour yogurt."

While the website suggests plain dough or puff pastry, there's nothing stopping you from getting creative with other alternative like pizza dough, cookie dough or even some type of cake or waffle mix.

The machine is extremely easy to use, as well. All you have to do is wait for the green preheat light, which lets you know that it's reached the desired temperature to come on, and then place the dough onto the nonstick grid. In about three to four minutes, the "Ready To Eat" light will indicate that the spoons are cooked to perfection.

The utensils apparently come out crisp enough to withstand any type of food, no matter what texture or temperature it may be, according to Gizmag. It's unclear when the device will be released or for exactly how much, but it's rumored to sell for approximately $25. For now, you can sign up here to receive alerts as soon as it becomes available!