The final episode of last year's biggest anime hit, "One Punch Man," definitely struck a very deep chord with its massive fanbase. After all, the story of the titular character was just so deconstructed and interesting that it was practically impossible for the anime to explore its universe with the measly 12 episode run that it was given. True enough, with the first season done, many fans are wondering when the next chapter of Saitama's exploits would come to the small screen.

There is some good news for fans of the anime, of course, as creator Murata Yusuke has already informed and promised fans that the team behind the hit anime series is hard at work in coming up with a definitive second season. In fact, if things go well, there would be a pretty good chance that "One Punch Man: Season 2" would be released around November or December, according to Christian Today.

Of course, with the runaway success of the first season, it is no surprise that the second season of the anime would be greenlighted. However, there is much question and speculation about what events the second season would actually cover.

"One Punch Man" originated from a humble webcomic by ONE, an independent mangaka who utilizes a rather basic art style. After the series went viral, it was decided that the webcomic would be remade into a more polished manga format. As for the plot itself, the first season covered a definitive part of the manga's plot already, reported Ecumenical News.

After the defeat of Lord Boros, the first season's final enemy, the next arc in the manga is the Hero Hunter Arc, which involves the emergence of the series' most powerful villain to date, Garou. In the manga, Garou was Bang or Silver Fang's former disciple who eventually lost his way. What is particularly interesting is that Garou and Saitama are two sides of the same coin - just people who happen to go far beyond what humans are capable of becoming.

Indeed, if the anime's second season does focus on the Hero Hunter Arc, fans could expect to see even more of the edge-of-your-seat action that made the first season famous. After all, Garou's primary objective in the manga is to hunt down the series' top ranking heroes. Seeing the battles that ensue as he targets one S- and A-class hero after another will surely be a visual treat for fans, according to The Bit Bag.

With the second season all but confirmed, fans can only wish that just like the first season, the next chapter of Saitama's story would be dealt with very careful, inspired hands.

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