Watching a video and listening to an Adele song might be the newest fitness craze. If you laugh as hard as we did at this Adele parody, your abs will be made of steel and your weight loss journey will have reached its end.

Dustin and Genevieve Ahkuoi are two hilarious YouTubers that have been pumping out parody videos like "Virtual Life" (to Lion King's "Circle of Life") as well as original comedic music like "Netflixion."

Our favorite parody so far - and the one we think most people can relate to - is the "Hello" parody, "Hella Cravings." Who hasn't done jumping jacks while thinking about Jack In The Box? No shame in that game!

The couple not only writes the funny lyrics, but they perform the songs with amazing voices. (Listen and tell us Genevieve doesn't sound like Adele when the song opens. She totally does).

Adele seemed to really enjoy the "Saturday Night Live" skit in which a feuding family brought back Thanksgiving togetherness every time "Hello" was played. (Click here to watch!) We wonder what she thinks about this one...

Hello? Can you hear us?

We're talking to Adele, but if late night pizza shows up we won't be mad.

Check out the video below for outtakes from Dustin and Genevieve's "Hello" parody filming.