As any woman who has tried to apply manicure on their own nails can attest, doing so can be a struggle. Sometimes, it's hard to control the nail polish brush in between applying without smudges and dipping the polish in the bottle. You're likely to risk toppling the bottle over, too.

A company has recognized this struggle and devised a clever tool for at-home manicures. The genius solution is called Tweexy, and it's a wearable nail polish bottle holder that can change the way women paint their nails.

Tweexy is made of silicon rubber and has rings that snugly fit on the fingers, regardless of size. It has a holder on top of the ring where the bottle is inserted. If you need to switch hands, Tweexy has tabs that can be squeezed as you take off the nail polish holder. Hence, there are no drips, tips, smudges or spills, and you don't ruin the polish on the other hand too, according to The Gloss.

Tweexy comes in different colors and can be ordered at their website or at Amazon. Watch it in action in the video below:

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