Uber's range of services continues to grow, and last week, the popular ride-booking company took its services a step further. In relation to this year's Super Bowl, and of course, its cuter counterpart, the Puppy Bowl, Uber decided to offer puppy-booking services in a number of key American cities, according to CBS News.

Uber users were able to book puppies on demand from the popular app on Wednesday. By simply logging into their smartphone app and choosing the "puppies" option, users were able to get some warm, cuddly puppy time.

Booking a puppy cost customers $30 for 15 minutes of furry playtime. Of course, such a deal was been quite a hit, with the puppies having a very busy field day, reported AZ Central.

The limited-time offer was organized in conjunction with the Animal Planet, the Humane Society and a number of animal welfare organizations. Thus, in the event that those who booked the puppies got attached to the little furry cuties, they could be given the option to formally adopt the puppies permanently.

Apart from adoption, the shelters where the puppies came from were also quite blessed by the event, as Animal Planet stated that every dollar spent by Uber users would be matched by the popular nature channel, according to The Phoenix New Times.

One can, of course, only hope that this puppy booking service will be made a permanent feature of Uber in the near future. Because why not?

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